Tonights theme is “The strange foreign tradition.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Reminiscence(OHC163).mp3

Thanksgiving was this past week, so I was compoing at home using my laptop.  I have FL installed on there, but don’t have any of my samples or VSTs or -anything- really on there.  I knew I would run the risk of getting frustrated with the setup if I tried to be serious about compoing, so before starting I decided I’d just do a medley of sorts of all the cool melodies I’ve come up with in past OHCs.

So I still had to hastily go and find TLS_maximizer since that’s the mastering VST I always use, and I also went and grabbed my 3xOsc custom chiptune wavs and presets so I could use those.  And then I just set out going through melody after melody from my previous songs, featuring themes from Galaxia, Locked On, Shattered World, Celestial Journey, Unlock the Universe, Antares, Reality Shift, Warming, The Ecstasy of Life, Voyage and even a tiny snippet from Fractale.

The mix didn’t really end up being that interesting…mostly just the instrumentation is pretty bland and the mix isn’t very full, but I’m going to just blame that on the setup; I really didn’t feel too into things.  So it was good that I decided to kick back and just do something sort of fun.  I also was mixing with headphones and I can’t really mix bass too well when I use only headphones, so that was also on my mind.

Just something fun for this week when I didn’t want to take compo too seriously.  Not that many people showed up anyways, understandably because it was right in the middle of Thanksgiving evening.


edit: i should note that I actually use TLS pocket limiter, not TLS maximizer.  Though that doesn’t matter anymore because I’m trying izotope ozone now.

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