Tonights theme is “The Stranger.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Grooveshark(OHC162).mp3

I went into this round not preparing any instruments, telling myself I would really make an effort to stick to the theme this time around.  At the same time, I should also note that I found myself a really nice e piano sound in one of my sample-collection VSTs that I never really use, so I had that somewhat in mind.

Anyhow, the theme came up and the only thing I could think of was groovy swing-rhythm groovy groove stuff.  So I plopped down the bassline in the beginning and searched for a good patch to set it to…eventually settling on a Synth1 patch.

After that I add in drums, sliced by slicex and quantized using the “swing” setting…and we’re already feeling really really groovy!

Next we’ve got an ultra-funky synth solo by a square wave with liberal vibrato, and then some triangle blips.  Everything here is in swing-rhythm, of course.

Then we go into the gorgeous beautiful section, where I bust out the e piano and put a pulse wave bass underneath it.  Notice that the pulse bass is actually pretty dry here, but that’s totally fine.

Then I add in a kick drum, an offbeat triangle bass, and really really gorgeous strings courtesy of that free EWQL library that I nabbed at some point.  It’s interesting to note that the kick is actually a chiptune drum sample so it’s got a little bit of grit.  Together with the triangle bass, which uses the NES triangle waveform, and the pulse bass, we’ve got a nice fusion of 8-bit chiptune elements with lush, full strings and e piano that works really well here.

The only thing left is for me to put in a sexy, sexy triangle whistle lead over on top, complete with grace notes, pitch slides, and vibrato–all of which are key to making a really sexy lead melody.

We get a short break from swing rhythm where we have a 16th note based arp, and then we’re into the next section, where I focus on call-and-response type stuff.

First we start off with a pulse bass calling and a triangle bass responding, and then we gradually add in other things to the mix…a creepy sine-wave chord whistle, some bitcrushed drums, etc.  When I kick in the main funk drums from earlier, I also add in a 12.5% pulse lead, again with a nice rad funk melody.

After a glitch, we’re back to the original chorus, this time extended a bit with a triangle blip section as an outro, and then a subtle, “funkified” version of the “OHC cumshot” as the outro.

All in all a real, real fun entry to make, and I feel like I definitely executed it well.  The beautiful section was =gorgeous=, and probably the most memorable part of this song.

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