FL/Music people: I’ve always lamented how 3xOsc doesn’t have PWM and how TS404 doesn’t have polyphony and magical8bitplug doesn’t have native FL pitchbending, so there is no universal solution for 12.5/25% pulse width pulse waves that you can pitch bend, with polyphony.

So far I’ve been using TS404 for leads and things that only have one note at a time, meaning I can slide but not have polyphony (unless i have multiple instances), and magical8bit plug for chords and pads where I can’t slide properly.

I think I’ve figured out the solution: just make a SynthMaker patch that has PWM and polyphony.  In fact I worked off of somebody else’s PWM example and hooked it into FL and it works beautifully already.  I could be onto something here!  The key part is that synthmaker can receive FL’s pitch input meaning you can do slides and stuff with it.

Awesome.  I’ll have to make this into an actual nice patch at some point.


Edit: I should note that this only works because synthmaker is integrated into FL itself, (called FL Synthmaker).  Which is having a version 2.0 as of the latest FL update, so I better upgrade before I work on this.


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