Week 5 of the quarter and I realize I actually don’t know much about the two CCRMA classes I’m taking.  For example, I knew that one of them was Fundamentals of computer-generated sound, but I didn’t know whether that was CS476A (aka music256a) or Music220a.  I also had no idea what the heck they were trying to teach us in music220a, big picture.  I knew that we have some sort of (optional?) field trip to monterey bay on thursday.  I didn’t see how that was related to what we’re learning in class, though I don’t know what we’re learning in class.

Turns out music220a is fundamentals of computer-generated sound, and cs476a is music, computing, and design I…but that doesn’t really make sense to me, because out of the three homeworks in music220a, it doesn’t seem very focused on computer-generated sound.  The first homework was to write a sound-test in ChucK (I shudder a little bit every time I hear the name of that language, not because I hate the language itself but because I don’t like what it represents), which okay, makes sense.  But our second was to make a creative score interpretation of ambient noise (how does this deal with computer-generated sound??).  Our third was to create a musical/auditory perception illusion using ChucK, which…is more about perception than computer-generated sound.  And the fourth is to create a voiceover of some sort…what the heck??


If =I= were teaching a class on computer-generated sound, we would be doing much cooler things.  Then again, I guess that would be more of a class on electronic music, rather than computer-generated sound…I guess that kind of sums up the central philosophy disjunct I have with the silly CCRMA folk.  sigh!  Well, it’s okay because we all know I’m cooler than all of them ;)  I proved it too!  Presented one of my OHC entries to them in class, muahahaha.


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