Pushback Pressure

I actually hadn’t consciously thought about it before Gerentt pointed it out today, that I don’t give much pushback pressure in waltz.  Well, of course I do for free spins and such, but in the basic frame, apparently I actually have “noodle arms”, as Richard Powers would call it.  Meaning my left hand isn’t doing anything at all except just holding yours; it’s my right arm that’s doing all the leading (until I start doing something else).

And I kind of smile at that, because I know that’s one of the things that defines my dancing.  That lack of firmness there is one of the things that makes everything soft…and that’s why, as Caitlin put it, dancing with me is sometimes like “dancing with air”.  (ironically this even ties into the fact that I do pure visual leads sometimes, in which case I’m not even touching you…though the reason for that is mostly just for kicks rather than it being an extension of my “softness”)

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