Stay on target. It’s amazing what you can get done when you put forth effort. Today’s theme is “Meeting the mark.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Locked_On(OHC156).mp3

As is often the case, I chose to put a space-y spin on the theme, so I thought of “stay on target” as having something to do with spaceships, launching, and shooting lasers.  Whee!

So pretty soon after I started, two themes popped into my head: the Star Fox corneria intro arp, and the Gradius 3 Departure for Space ditty.



So I decided to incorporate both of them, and gosh…it worked -really well-!

We start things off with a filter opening of grand pads (almost wish I could have worked some of the Gradius 3 launch music into there), and then we go straight into UNTS mode and the arp from star fox shows up right away.

Then I layer elements in gradually, starting with hats, then a nice reverbed triangle blip along with a shiny fast arp, a pulse wave chord synth.  And then we get a chord progression along with a sidechained bassline.  Yum.

We take out the hats and then fade out into the breakdown, where we basically just have oodles of pads with filters opening up again, this time with a different chord progression (hint: this time it’s in major).  After we open all the filters (I throw an arp in there too), we go into the buildup to the climax, where we put the bass back in, add the hihats to add rhythmic motion, and then gradually crescendo into a “lock on” sound, a bar or two of silence, and then….

We’re into the chorus, where we blast into the Gradius 3 theme!  Unfortunately I couldn’t get the whole theme in there as I was just way too short on time, so I just have the main first part of it, but still cool…cool in its MAJOR CHORD ACTION, YEAH!  Because space is all about powering through major space chords with chippy instruments, whoo!!!

After that, we have a short glitch transition and then we’re back into starfox mode, and we gradually delayer the instruments until we’re left with one last ditty from the triangle blip.

I was actually feeling pretty uninspired before compo started, but it’s amazing how this one came together–very rare does something take shape in my head so concretely and then execute almost exactly how I had imagined it.  It also makes me happy that I was able to use VG themes–gives me hope for a future eventual OC ReMix submission someday =)


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