If I could change the inner workings of smash to bend it to my own personal will, there’s a whole bunch of miscellaneous balance changes I would try.  But there’s also some things that I would just change about the control scheme that would just make things easier.  Controls would be customizable, and the setup I would use would probably be something like Y for fulljump and X for shorthop.  In addition, R would be lightshield and L would be normal shield.  I’d also make uptilts easier to do, somehow, but I’m not sure how.  One idea is to make smashes restricted to the c-stick only, though that makes jced upsmashes pretty awkward so that’s not a good option.  I guess maybe the ideal solution is to disable control stick jump (which I would also do anyways).  That already gets rid of most of the difficulty, though you still can’t really do a utilt instantly out of standing…but that’s okay because i feel like that would be good enough, probably.

I might attempt to get rid of the azendash problem (airdodging off the stage instead of wavedashing), but I don’t think there’s a really good way to do it because if you let people catch the edge again right away after an airdodge then it’s super-easy to ledgestall infinitely.  Actually, I just thought of a really super-weird solution that may or may not work–allow walljumps after airdodges (you’d have to allow it for all characters, though).  Hmm..actually, that’s not ideal either because you can’t ledgehog someone like yoshi.  I guess that’s not -that- big of a deal.  But it’s still not the ideal solution because it’s kind of weird.  I guess you could just play around with airdodge invincibility frames so that you can grab the edge right away after falling but it’s still an invincible ledgestall.

Most everything is fine with the game though.  It’s just these little things that don’t really detract from the game’s perfection, but make it kind of harder to attain, and could be streamlined.  Someone who can shorthop 100% consistently wouldn’t need a separate shorthop button, for example, but there’s no reason to not make it easier.  Except for the fact that while playing fox you currently have a very quick “feeling” in terms of your physical interaction with the controller because of that shorthop window.  That’s the only real reason I can see…and it’s not a very good reason. 


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