It’s always nice when I dance with someone and they tell me that I’m a good lead, particularly when they’re under no obligation to do so…but, really it’s even better when I can just tell that they’re having fun and enjoying the dance we’re having.


Last Friday Night is a really weird song.  I don’t know all the lyrics, and really don’t want to, and I don’t really like the song either, but the particular way it makes me feel is really weird.  It makes me think of Kiki, because she likes that kind of music, but it makes me think of her when she’s off in that other sort of world; one which I do not enter because I don’t want to.  The lyrics just make me imagine all those times when there is a party going on and I can hear it–maybe even see it–but want nothing to do with it, so I remain, feeling a very detached emotion.  Not that makes me feel disappointed–I want nothing to do with it, after all–but it does make me feel rather withdrawn.

And so it’s actually a song that makes me feel…sad.  Perhaps it’s the chords that are getting to me.  I don’t really understand at its core how it’s supposed to be a party song.  I mean yeah, it’s got that bassline (which fyi falls flat in comparison to everything that I listen to =P), but I’m not getting the right emotion.  If I heard a proper chiptune version it might even make me swell….ah who am I kidding, even that probably wouldn’t.  But still…I don’t really get it.


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