I sometimes have dreams about games.  Like dreams about playing games, but also dreams about being in games, though sometimes even in the ones where I am in games I’ll be controlling things via an invisible game controller.  Most of the time, actually, since it’s just so natural.  My dreams don’t tend to be -that- vivid…well, they’re okay most of the time but my imagination sense isn’t the greatest so sometimes they get a tiny bit hazy.  The other side effect of that is that when I lucid dream it’s hard to really do anything with it since it’s difficult to trick my own mind and visualize things.

In any case, I’ll have dreams about games, but pretty often I’ll also have dreams where games and reality are jumbled up.  I don’t mean like I’m confusing what’s a game and what’s reality, but rather they’re actually jumbled into each other so I can’t quite make sense of it.  So half of my mind will be saying, “okay, I need to wake up and go to class”, but the other half is still entirely stuck in RTS mode…and in my confusion my mind tries to create some kind of arbitrary mapping between those two concepts, so something like right-clicking the minimap or something to go to class, or maybe it would be represented by some sort of queue action.  Of course, this is a segment which is usually not very vivid, but I definitely know that I often have that sort of disconnect where my mind is stuck for a minute and can’t disassociate that the two are actually unrelated things from one another.


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