A light in the darkness, a ray of hope. A flickering promise of new life and change. Tonights theme is hope.

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_A_Hero_s_Quest(OHC153).mp3

Wasn’t -quite- sure what I wanted to do this week, but I was contemplating doing something using LSDJ, and in the back of my mind I had also wanted to do a song using the theme from my “A Hero’s Sword” entry way back from OHC081, since CJthemusicdude keeps bugging me about it.  So I decided to do both!

So here’s a song made using LSDJ featuring that theme.  The first half uses the Hero’s Sword theme, building up gradually, and then all of a sudden we transition into epic bass-land and get some UNTS UNTS action.  It’s a really short song compared to what I usually do, since I can pump out stuff a lot faster in FL Studio as opposed to LSDJ where I’m tracking stuff with gameboy controls, haha.

Pretty neat, though!


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