Last year, in Kimball, I would write little notes–not even proper letters, but really small ones–to people, like Kiki and such (okay, mainly Kiki) and stick them in the nook of their doors so that they would get them upon waking up, or getting back from class, …

That’s something I’m really going to miss.  Yes, those notes were really tiny–sometimes they would only be two sentences or so, but they would really make a difference, both in my day and in those people’s day.  I can only imagine what it’s like to open your door in the morning (or at night) and see a cute little piece of paper flutter down with a message just for you.  That feeling of doing (or receiving) something unexpected–there is really something about it that puts a smile on my face.  Just as it’s almost always more fun to mail a letter off or drop it in someone’s box or stick it in their door rather than giving it to them in person–it becomes this pleasant surprise…

I don’t think I’ll be able to do that anymore, unfortunately.  Well, maybe if I start sneaking into places, but that’s really not the way to go here, haha…(though I would do it all the time during Junior year when I half-lived in Kimball…)


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