blabla making fun of CCRMA blah blah

That’s right folks, FL studio is the most popular DAW out there!  Which isn’t to say it’s the best, or that it “should” be the most used, or anything of the nature…but perhaps we should at least mention that things other than Pro Tools and Logic exist.  Okay I can understand not making people learn how to use FL Studio, but come on…Reaper?  Reason!?!?  Reason is even OSX-compatible, and reason is fuuunn!!  Speaking of OSX, can we also not pretend that the whole world uses OSX?  AND WHAT ABOUT VST PLUGINS!?!?!?!?!?

And to heck with all of your ChucK experiments; when am I going to get a VST plugin that I can actually use in my song!?!?  Arrgghhh!!! *throws hands up in air*

[/not intended as a serious critique]


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