Today I RSVPed to an event on facebook and I had another one of those red alert moments where all of a sudden my mind said to me: Wait.  WAIT.  Why!?  Why the heck is this even necessary?  There’s not going to be any food at the event and they didn’t ask for RSVP for headcount purposes (though, to be honest, if you’re relying on people to RSVP for a headcount, you’re bound to get it wrong anyways).  So WHO CARES what I respond to the event, or even if I respond whatsover?  This is worthless!!!

Okay okay, maybe someone will be on the edge and will look to have a see at who else will be there before deciding to come.  That’s legit; I’ve done that before.  And the RSVP gets broadcast to your stream/feed, so maybe someone else who wasn’t on the initial invite list (like Sayuri) would be able to see it.  Okay, that’s legit too.

Still though, there was that red flag that went up in my head.  Social media disturbs me more and more nowadays…


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