Soooo tired right now.  What a long day.  I need to start trimming sites from my chrome script, it’s taking me too long to get through all of them when I do my regular checkup.  To think that was something I used to do every day without fail…well, maybe it’s because now I’m not in school and I don’t have the script with me at work so it’s not as routine a thing.  Regardless, I should still trim a few of those things that are most likely dead.

Was going to write a lot of stuff about dance and stuff, but that will have to be for another time; way too tired for that now.

However!  My cell phone case came in, as did Hibiki’s Magic volume 2 (of 2), awesome…I am really excited to read Hibiki’s Magic (it’s by Jun Maeda!) vol 2, but I will save that for when I am fully awake; want to absorb that as much as I can.  Volume 1 was wonderful though.

The cell phone case is awesome–so smooth and with a pretty design.  I really chose the right phone I think (I got an LG Chocolate Touch).  It’s got a cell phone charm slot, you can use your own audio as ringtones, ~1GB of music storage, and a regular headphone jack.  Super-good for exactly everything I need it for.  My ideal phone is still probably a pink plasticy flip phone or something like that that only exists in japan (I’m pretty sure that both Nanoha and Sumomo have one), but this is just fine for me too…

Still have to redo my charms though.  The new phone has been charm-less for like a week which seems like blasphemy to me.


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