Insatiable. Never enough. Always wanting more. Voracious. Tonights theme is “Never Enough.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Celestial_Journey(OHC151).mp3

Someday these might just go on my website somewhere instead of being blog posts…although then all you people won’t be able to get them via feed updates.  blegh, whatever.

Anyhow, my goal this week was to make awesome chiptuney music.  So I saw the theme and I was like hmmm…SPACE JOURNEY.  We start things off really simple with my patented ts404 lead, plus a triangle bass below.  Then there’s a very chippy blip synth that’s made by doing an octave note above at the beginning of each note–something I definitely picked up from LSDJ.  Then we get nice 12.5% pulse width pads, and then the true chord progression emerges.  We get a mega man style tom roll (love it!) and then we’re into the chorus!

The chorus is -slightly- lacking somehow, maybe the percussion is missing a little something, but it’s okay and the melody is catchy enough.  Ideally the melody would have a -little- more variation the second time around, or I’d add some other instrument or something, but this is OHC so it’s okay.  Very nice arp stuff going on in the background too, and there’s a sort of call-and-response thing going on with one of the arps.

Then I layer a house drumloop on top of things and we get funkyyyy.  There’s a bunch of really fun stuff here, the least of which is a squealin synth solo!  After a pretty ingenious transition and a brief reminisce of the blip synth from the beginning, we go straight back and re-enter the chorus.  This time, though, it goes on and I layer in a counterharmony, which is really nice.  You’ll notice the main lead backs off a bit at this point–that was to prevent the two leads from getting overbearing, though in retrospect I probably overdid it slightly.  The counterlead has a shorter pulse width, which works really well here.  Tasty pitch bends in the melody and counter-melody are awesome.

The next section with delayering has two missing kick drums because of my carelessness, which is a shame =( but it’s okay.  Then as things continue to delayer and fade out I put in a final new element–a fast arp with a neat delayed reverb effect, which closes things out perfectly.

Yeah, I totally achieved what I set out to do. =)


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