I’ve been conditioned to like my shmups more lolbullethell-y and less shmup-y, but damn it’s a really great game.  I can’t find myself using anything other than the gunner ship though.  Wish I could like the other ones more, I really do.  I wanted to like the beam ship because it slows down your movement when using alt-fire, which is really great for dense bullet hell games, but isn’t really necessary in this one.  I wanted to like charge because E laser from gradius was awesome, but it just seemed kind of eh for regular stages; it was only useful for some of the challenges.  I wanted to like bomber because it was neat and interesting, but it just didn’t do enough damage, and the bombs also didn’t LOOK cool enough.

I think they’re all useful; I just found that gunner really suited my style of play a lot.  The guy I was playing with used beam most of the time, which worked out since it’s simpler.  I think I just really needed the ability to shoot in any direction; I used it a lot.

Some people said that it would have been nice if the turret fired in the -opposite- direction of your movement.  While that may be more conventional (?), I didn’t have any problems with this way, and I feel like it’s more intuitive, which is a plus both to me learning it myself, and to the fact that jamestown is very good at introducing new players into the bullet hell genre.  Plus, this is the way it works in Metal Slug…and who doesn’t like metal slug???

We went through all of the missions up to legendary difficulty…dunno how much more i’ll be playing jamestown on my own.  I could go for 1CCs and such…but maybe I ought to finish my Touhou hard 1CCs first.


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