A formidable or excellent person or thing. A person, animal, or thing that kills. Tonights theme is “Killer.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Lurker(OHC149).mp3

I felt like I had fulfilled my quota for being experimental and trying out new things, so this week I had two main aims: one was to play with synths that I normally don’t use but I have lying around, and another was to just go back to business as usual with more traditional awesomeness.  I guess I also wanted to try and get a little closer to the theme, as I’ve definitely been drifting away from that recently.  I think I managed to achieve all three! =)

We start out with some really haunting pads from Chimera, a noise-based synth that makes tones simply by using noise generators and filters.  Perfect for the “killer” atmosphere.  Then we get some random sounds from various synths, including alchemy, devil, rocket punch, etc.  The high chirpy synth has a delayed reverb on it–an simple yet eerie effect that I like to use a lot.

Then after a burble from grumblebum, we bust out into a very lo-fi beat, made by combining a beat sliced by slicex with some more regular hihats.  I also layered my own kick drum on top (underneath?) to give the kick more oomph.  The overall result is definitely very sexy.  Next I add on top another different drum beat, this time a chiptune drums loop, adding to the low-fi-ness.

The main drums cut out, leaving just the chiptune drums, and I add in a really sinister, spidery-sounding arp.

Then we’ve got our next section, where I layer the chiptune loop with some more chiptune drum sounds, which are actually the same drum loop but pitched down a lot–i did that very very randomly and it worked really well!

Then I add an arp…another arp…some pads…there’s a lot of copy-pasting going on here in the build; I wish I had the time for a little more variation but I didn’t, unfortunately.  Also note the gratuitous use of tritones =)

After a bitcrush, we’re left with the arps, but this time I add in a 4-on-the-floor beat and an NES-style triangle bass–they go together really well.  Wish I could flesh out this section more.

Then things take on a more traditional DDRKirby-feel with my signature TS404 lead, with some nice short notes and pitch bends.

For the end I bring us directly back to the sexy lofi beat section, since I knew that worked well as a nice chorus section.

Overall, a very nice song that I enjoyed a lot.  I wish I could have had more variation; I felt a little cramped on time because some things ended up requiring more tweaking than I would have liked, but in the end it’s not so bad.


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