Hey kids, you know when your parents keep telling you that growing children need like 10 hours of sleep or something, and adults only need 7?  Yeahh…that’s a load of crap.  The real deal is probably that everyone needs about the same amount of sleep regardless; they’re just telling you that so they can get you to bed.  If anything adults need more sleep than you do because kids are bundles of sugar and dynamite that can’t stay still.  Even for quiet little boy Timmy, I was a whole lot more annoyed and bored during car rides than I am now.  (granted, I have my NDS and iPod touch to amuse me nowadays)

Unfortunately, adults can’t understand that it’s good to let you actually do crap when you still have both the time and energy to, so they’ll just keep on reining you in.  sigh.

And stanford kids?  Are you really gonna believe all the stuff they say about how everything is gonna be -wonderful- and -intellectually stimulating- and you’re going to be working with the brightest peers around?  Well….okay okay, if you’re someone who gets really into that stuff, then you should go ahead and believe that because it might be true.  But if not, you can just realize that when you go to class, half of the people there are going to be asleep and the other half are going to be on facebook (stop…let’s not talk g+ now, please).  Unless you’re a CS major, in which case, half the people aren’t even gonna show up!

I guess that’s fine though–I mean yeah, no one’s going to go and cater towards these people like us who don’t care about the confetti and fanfare and *grimace* band runs, but that’s okay because people like us should already know not to listen to any of the stuff that’s being catered anyways.


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