I’m nearing the end of Narcissu -Side 2nd- and it’s…almost chilling.  I can’t help but think, wow, even though part of the story comes earlier in time, I think this must be a great way to read it–to read first, the “end”: Narcissu 1, then to go back and revisit the past in Narcissu 2, as a recollection, and to give things meaning.  And then finally, to reread Narcissu 1, now knowing the full extent of Setsumi.

Yes…it probably beats out Kanon as my favorite visual novel.

I wonder though, whether I should be reading it voiced or unvoiced.  I’m going through it voiced, and although I decided that pretty confidently without too much debate, I find myself questioning that choice, since…well, aren’t I always talking about how I don’t like spoken word?

Just makes me wonder.


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