Today in Timm[ie]’s dream land:

-Trying to find Kiki, who I connected with telepathically (we are twin angels, after all).  I remember pondering that we could indeed find each other since this was a dream and therefore she had closer to actual angelic powers, but I didn’t end up finding her, either because alarm went off or because I got distracted by next sequence of events.

-Fighting against zombies or at least super soldiers who were extremely hard to kill.  Took some of their weapons, but even a rifle shot at close range wasn’t enough to stop them from moving again.

-Being warned to stay away from this one door because that was a door to hell and I shouldn’t go there because I wasn’t dead yet.

-Somehow, I -was- dead, and the first thing I had to do was participate in some sort of gladiator-style arena thing, where you pick your weapons (the weapons were really tiny though, like toy weapons, but cool in that they had addons–think cloud’s seventh tsurugi in FFVII:AC).  I got some encouragement and hugs from some really cute girls in the audience.  Then right as the fight was about to start I realized that I was Harry Potter, therefore I didn’t even need these stupid weapons, so then I totally owned the other guy.  First set of stuff I did without any incantations because I’m used to magic that way, but then I managed to do stupefy, except…i ended up saying “stupendo” instead, lol.  Then “obliviate”, which sounded dangerous, but looking it up, probably wasn’t that helpful.  Yeah.  Then there was a lot of cheering and I mentioned to some random professor or something that everything has just been totally crazy recently.



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