A hushed word, a silent acknowledgement. What could be more harmless than a secret? Tonight’s theme is “mysterious secret.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Secrets_of_the_Tracker(OHC147).mp3

As I said last time, I challenged myself to pull out ModPlug Tracker and used it to compo this week.  Spent a good amount of time beforehand getting a template all set up, with instruments and stuff all ready, because instrument selection and VST setup in modplug takes aggeeessss when you compare to my super-quick workflow in FL Studio.

So after a whole plethora of rendering issues and finally exporting at 1/4 volume and then mastering in FL, I manage to get my song uploaded.  You might recognize some of the synth sounds from my previous entries–I actually exported some stuff from FL beforehand to use as samples.

Working with trackers is really weird because everything is so sample-based, it’s just easier to do everything with samples because the VST support is just kind of clunky.  Or maybe that’s because I’m not quite used to it yet (i think that’s the reason, actually).  But it just seems like you have to have the right samples beforehand.  I dunno.

But one thing’s for sure–programming drums with a tracker is REALLY FUN.  You can do retriggers, cuts, and stutters really, really easily, and the workflow just really WORKS for breakbeat-type stuff.  So you can definitely hear that coming out in this song.  Other than that it’s pretty mediocre, but that’s okay–we’ve still got some really cool beat stuff.  I also used a bunch of samples from SNES games, just cuz.

No idea what I’ll do next week.  Maybe Famitracker or LSDJ.  Or something totally weird in FL.  I don’t think I’m ready to go back to normal compoing quite yet–if I make something I’m not happy with then it’ll be demoralizing.


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