Nothing to wake you up in the morning like some Death…


I sat out for one of the Ceili dances last night because my cough started acting up (only happens once in awhile, and not related to the actual dancing).  It was totally okay though, because as I was sitting there, I watched the people dancing, and a really warm smile spread across my face.  Just looking at the people in the group, I thought to myself, “yeah…this is a good group.”  It was almost like that feeling that you got when you were marching alongside your buddies back in the old days, except even better because there’s no stress and no stupid idiots ruining everything.

And that’s one of the reason I do dance–to have one of those activities that brings a group of people together and has them spend time with each other.  And as with marching band, there are going to be some people who you get closer with, and some people who you only end up knowing by face.  But it’s still great to have that.


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