Yeah, I’m a CS major at Stanford who plays lots of video games, does lots of social dance, has a social life, writes lots of hand-written letters, gets good grades, and gets enough sleep (6 hours per day does not qualify as “enough”, you crazy people).  Not to mention the slew of other things.  How is it possible?

I don’t know…how is it -not- possible?  It’s only this past year that I began to feel some degree of empathy with those who don’t have enough time for the things in their lives…but it’s still not something that I quite understand that much.

I guess one big factor is that I don’t go to class; it really helps.  But then again, I go to Japanese 5 days a week and social dance 3 days a week, not to mention japanese office hours 3 days a week as well…


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  1. inchoateperfection

    Lol, interactive classes keep you occupied and are usually more fun though. Other classes…like lectures, especially, make me feel like I should be doing better things, like…that pset that is due at the end of the lecture.

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