After the whirlwind torrent, miles of wreckage lay at your feet. Tonights theme is “After the storm.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Antares(OHC145).mp3

The two things I decided on before this week’s compo started were first, to try and not start picking out things until after the theme was announced, and second, to perhaps get back to a little more traditional DDRKirby(ISQ) style, in terms of my songs generally having an atmospheric/ambient intro and then going to a cool beat/groove section, and then going from there.  I didn’t transition into trancey UNTS this time around, but that’s totally fine xP

My idea once I read the theme was to do something spacey (how many times have I said that before?), so I imagined some sort of space wreckage after some “space storm”, and that’s what I wanted to go for in the intro.  So the beginning here has me using Crystal and Motion for some neat evolving/moving textures, which is…pretty standard.  Then I throw in Chimera (a noise-based synth) which happens to make some pewpew laser noises (which actually surprised even me during the listening party) and TaL Noisemaker which has a really beautiful arp preset which I stumbled upon and decided to use.  The light “pinging” sound you hear is from the Crystal patch.

After that I introduce a sine pluck and triangle pluck with some nice interplay, both with really heavy reverb since that sounds really nice on them.  After adding the cool beat (done using Slicex), I add in another drum loop on top of that for extra drum goodness, and then a “kirbysquare” lead that’s unfortunately a -bit- too loud (but still acceptable).  Then we have some chippy arps that get thrown in, and a lowpass filter before we go into…

4-on-the-floor territory!  Though not quite UNTS.  One complaint I got here was that the bass should be a bit more prominent, oh well.  There’s lots of chippy arp stuff going on here, probably like 3 layers of it, and there’s also an offbeat sub-bass going on underneath the main bass.  Then we’ve got Alchemy providing us with a nice pad sound that I’ve used countless times before.

Then onto a breakdown section, where I have a screamin TS404 lead with a bit narrower Pulse Width than I usually use, and some slight vibrato, with pulse pads in the background.  The second time around there’s a 50% (wider) square wave that joins in with a countermelody, and also more pads, including some low strings that give us a more “epic” feeling.

Then back into chorusy mode, with the new melody, and from there we outro.

I was actually super-happy with how this one turned out.  The melody lines are a bit repetitive, but I think it all came together really nicely.  Layered chippy arps are always delicious.

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