Reading mindy’s blog makes me feel not only a pang of regret at not being able to making time to study Japanese so far this Summer, but more than that, it makes me miss speaking Japanese, and conversing in Japanese.  I’m not sure why it was so fun to speak in Japanese, really…

…wait, what am I saying, I know exactly why it was so fun.  Because I love the sound of the language, I like the way that it expresses things, I like the delicacy with which I can speak.  “ま、仕方がないわね。。。” is just so much “softer” than when I try to say “It can’t be helped” with those accents and harsh phonics.  I like the mannerisms; I like the way 岡野先生 jokes around with me, making fun of Russell and half-calling me 小百合ちゃん when she remembers; I like the way 安本先生 acts so gentle like a mom; I like the way miao-sensei tries to be really humble and courteous.  I even know I’ll get along with kubo-sensei without having chatted with her much.  These are the kinds of people I can connect with.

It’s a completely, utterly, totally different feel that I had than when I was learning French.  Or Chinese, for that matter, though let’s just not even worry about -that-.  Maybe it’s just because I don’t know the language as well, but French is probably even farther off from English in terms of delicacy.  When I think about speaking French, it’s bigger…more elongated, and with more stops.  I can’t think of anything I really like saying in French.  And there’s definitely nothing like “ほええええ〜”.

Really, Japanese has given some actual meaning to the latter half of my Stanford academic career. xP


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