Today, China opened the world’s longest cross-sea bridge, which is 42 kilometers (26 miles) long and links China’s eastern port city of Qingdao to an offshore island, Huangdao. See picture.

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Spirit_of_the_Bridge(OHC142).mp3

I’ve been listen to flashygoodness’s music a LOT recently and really, really, really loving his Tower of Heaven soundtrack (mentioned in an earlier post), so I really wanted to do some chiptune stuff this week.  I also recently went through and got a whole bunch of new chippy VSTs so I wanted to put some of those to good use too.  I actually just ended up using 3xOsc for a lot of the stuff but I did get some use out of a few of the new ones, most notably an NES noise vst and I also didn’t use tb_triforce because it has a weird “wobbly” sound that’s no good.

Anyways the theme came up and I was kind of like blehhhh because I didn’t want to do something “bridgy” or “chinesey” because I wanted to do awesome chiptunes!  But whatever, I rolled with it and started off with some pulse wave pads and used a pentatonic scale and things just developed from there.

I told myself I’d spend more time on things and therefore would make a shorter song this week, but…I still ended up going over 5 minutes, oops. xP  Partly because I repeated the chorus (yay!) and partly because i have really long drawn out phrases, which is okay!

Anyways, after the first pad solo (there’s actually sample reduction going on near the end there) we start off with a pair of arps (cute!), then we go full steam ahead with pulse basses and that classic TS404 lead that I use everywhere, along with percussion–the kick drum is made using a 3xOsc triangle wave and there’s some noise stuff for the hats and snare and open hihat.  It’s interesting to note that I still processed my drums like normal with overdrive and compression to make them punchy–I just took out the reverb.

Then there’s a nice laidback 4-on-the-floor section where we build up stuff and have some more arpage, followed by a really quiet thin section with only a single pulse wave pad, a triangle wave whistle, and some “ocean noise” in the background.

After repeating the chorus, I add a second voice to the lead for some harmony, and at this point, although I’m running low on time I want to see if I can make something that strays from the pentatonic scale because the penatonic scale isn’t really MOVING anywhere and we’ve been on F# for a loooong time.

So I was doing stuff and I ended up putting the bass note on D.  Okay, let’s see if that works.  Then I stumbled upon the whole tone scale and it CLICKED.  Holy crap, I was onto something -good-.  So I ran with that, going with the “witch” feeling that whole tone always evokes for me.  At this point I’m really scrambling to put this part together because I’m running out of time, but I still manage to pull it off and make it awesome–I add samplereduced drumloops, more arps (cloning the same instruments from before), there’s also a triangle bass below the two pulse basses, and there’s dblue going on with the drums…the only thing missing is a melody, which unfortunately I didn’t have time for, but the simple kickass groove works just as well.  I end up with more bitcrush which makes the arp really haunting. (side note: i maybe should have changed the C# to a D in the second half of that arp pattern?)

An awesome entry, to be sure.

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