Listening to chiptunes playing through my crappy iPod touch speakers while driving, instead of the radio.  Yeah, even though the speakers are that bad, it’s still THAT much better.


I don’t mean to come off as arrogant, but it’s very easy to look at other people’s behavior and just kind of chuckle at them; it’s not really that they’re inferior or anything, it’s just kind of funny to watch them deal with things that seem so trivial and passe to me.  Just like watching people fret over things, and watching them spill out all the worries on their minds in that particular way.

I worry too, though, actually.  I stress out alot about certain things; you just might not be able to tell.  Or, I guess, if you -are- able to tell, then that might be a sign of improvement for me.


Today was a pretty awesome day.  Woke up, drove to work, ate breakfast there, had a meeting, did work, had lunch, had the first tiny inklings of socialization at the workplace, listened to chiptunes, drove to stanford, picked up the GCC key, went to vaden appointment, went to fry’s to exchange stuff, visited my sister, saw andrea, got bangs trimmed, met isabelle, taiji practice, drove to castro, taiji dinner, drove back to stanford, connected with kiki, drove home.  Man, days that don’t involve parents are amazing.

Only bad things are I forgot to return the GCC key (d’oh!) and the 3rd set of RAM i’m trying still doesn’t work.  blargh.  whatever it’s okay.

Work is still a very large question mark.

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