What if the world were empty, but for you? What if you were so deep in trouble, with no one to turn to? Abandoned and unable to overcome a problem? Tonights theme is “Stranded.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Madness(OHC141).mp3

Stranded, eh?  Perfect for starting off with slow ambient meandering pad textures, so that’s exactly what I did!  Much use of Alchemy soundscapes, Motion, and Texture, and there’s even a sine wave pitch slide that’s very reminiscent of Earthbound.  I even used a texture from Crystal!

Then comes in a beat with a bit of swingtime to make it groovy, and i made it all lofi and slightly distorted.  Yay for chunkiness.

After that the next section is basically just me having fun chopping up a bunch of stuff–the piecemeal bassline is a chopped up bassline loop, and the percussion loop that comes in is sliced up too.

Then there’s this deep, deep bass from Triangle II that I looked at and said “hey, what happens if I turn the filter cutoff up on this bass” and voila there was an epic lead…so that’s exactly what I did, after a pretty long buildup.  And at that point we’re into UNTSland.

I get the feeling I could have mastered this a little bit louder, but oh well whatever.

A neat entry, but not that kickass.  I’ll try again next time, maybe with a song that has a repeated chorus and maybe even a catchy melody.  Maybe I should also try and do more detailed work on things instead of doing really long songs.  I’ve also really been wanting to do chiptune stuff, so maybe i’ll do that…


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