Tower of Heaven

Wow, awesome.  I think it says something significant that I can look at this game, with it’s monochromatic game boy style graphics, small resolution, and short length, and declare it to be a really good game.

How is it good?  Well, it’s short.  Just the right length for someone who has a lot on their plate and can’t spend too long a time, but also wants to spend just enough time getting immersed in something.  Because after all, games are something we should -immerse- ourselves in, because it’s one of the ONLY remaining bastions of undivided attention-time that we have left.  The fact that this is all retro alludes to that too, to me–it reminds me of a better time, when we really did just devote 100% of our attention to things.

And yes, the music.  The music is genius.  Not only does it bring us nostalgia (along with the graphics), but even through that short time playing the game, you already pick up on the motif and theme that flashygoodness uses in his soundtrack, and the way it’s re-presented to you during the ending actually makes an impact.  Wow.  Genius.

So, go play it now, and then go buy the soundtrack:

This would be a life that I dream of.  To make indie games that are small, simple, yet good, and to make the music for them–music that is catchy and awesome.  And to make graphics that are simple, yet appealing to my pixel-art loving tendencies.

Yes…it’s certainly one of my dreams.  Perhaps someday it’ll happen, to some extent or another.


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