I’ve made a lot of progress in Terraria!  Never having played minecraft, I…actually can’t compare the two, but my guess is that I probably wouldn’t like minecraft as much.  Which isn’t a dig on minecraft at all–it’s just that 2D ROCKS, 3D SUX Minecraft is structured–or shall I say, UNstructured–a little bit differently, from what it seems like.  I see–well, more like hear about–people building a lot of machines and creations and such in minecraft–basically, just “playing around with cool shit”, whereas terraria definitely has more of that rpg/metroidvania element to it.

Admittedly it’s not that obvious how to really get started, and so it’s pretty essential to consult some guides so that you can set up a working house and then know where to start exploring to get stuff.

I’ve gotten a long way now and I actually have some pretty fancy equipment now–I have a full set of shadow armor, max hearts, and I even have a phaseblade and a pistol with meteor shots.  I have issues with inventory though–somehow 10 hotkeys is really, really not enough for everything that I want to be able to access quickly.  Ideally I’d want pickaxe, hammer, axe, torches, dirt blocks, grappling hook, melee weapon, ranged weapon, mana potion, health potion, magic light spell, magic attack spell, magic mirror…but obviously that doesn’t all fit.  So I have to make some compromises.  Then there’s the general issue of organizing my inventory and stashes, which are pretty much in disarray right now.  I’m hoping to move my primary base to another world at some point so that I can set up my main house of rooms how I want it, and have my stashes all organized, since I now know what most things do and which things are useful and what things are useless/common.  It’s basically kind of like organizing things in a D2 mod, to be honest…

Then there’s the fact that somehow combat seems to be difficult in that I receive too much damage.  Even with the stats and equip I have right now, my strategy for killing the eater of worlds boss involves dying a bunch and respawning because it just ends up doing too much damage to me.  Perhaps the solution to that is to make regular healing potions instead of lesser healing potions…I don’t think getting hit less is a real option here.

Not sure what I should be doing next–I need to kill skeletor to get into the dungeon and that didn’t work last time I tried (though it could be doable with stronger healing potions?).  More meteorite might be nice, but I don’t think there’s more shadow orbs in the small world that I’m in right now.  There’s the underworld too but I don’t really know what to do down there since the lava is dangerous and the fire imps are relatively strong.  I found an underground jungle once but accidentally warped home while exploring it, d’oh!

Maybe it’s time to move to a large world and start carving out a really nice base…then I can dig a really long tunnel and fill the bottom with water so I have a quick route into the depths.


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