4 year ago when I listened to all the hum and ha and flashy shenanigans at the start of our stanford careers as freshmen, I was kind of indifferent.  Okay, yeah, we’re at Stanford now.  It’s great here.  I get it.  And moreover, I’m not going to be one of these kids who loves band run (can you imagine me enjoying band run?  It’s kind of the embodiment of things that I’m afraid of), and not going to be one of those kids who goes out and goes fountain hopping and goes to big game and all of that jazz.  I didn’t do any of that.  No, I found a meaningful Stanford experience in a different way.

But nevertheless, when Dean Julie spoke to us again today at the class plaque dedication ceremony, I felt tears welling up.  I pushed them aside, of course–I didn’t want to start crying, as it wasn’t the place or the time–but I think it says something, both about how many experiences I’ve had here, and moreover, about how I’ve developed the capability to really =feel= emotion.  To become emotional, and let my feelings out.


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