Two nights ago: trying out new games, staying up really late

Yesterday: going home to sunnyvale, playing board games with brother and co, 1CCed touhou:IN on hard, blogging, some letter-writing, research and thinking about computer issues

Today: got ssbm vids transferred, got all the computer stuff from home that i need.  continued incrementally moving my stuff back home from stanford…my walls are basically bare now, which feels REALLY weird in contrast to how they used to be.  Rest of the night is going to be spent on computer stuff, maybe more letters and such, but mostly just “me time” taking care of my own stuff since I finally have a break.  I have japanese finals that i’m…probably actually not going to study for unfortunately–I’m going to get a grade that’s worse than i should be getting considering how good of a student i am normally in that class but that might be okay.

I might find some people and connect with them too, but only if they’re receptive~


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