OHC137, OHC138


Are you snowed in with nowhere to go? Do you panic? Are you overwhelmed? Are you a God bellowing down the elements upon Earth? Tonights theme is “The Avalanche.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_10_Minute_Avalanche(OHC137).mp3

I had to go to fanime like 10 minutes after compo started, so I didn’t do much here except lay down a bunch of long notes (some of them using motion and alchemy to give interesting evolving sounds).  I wasn’t even planning on doing compo at all at first but Acuity called me and asked for the theme so I figured since I was waiting for my fanime ride I may as well just make a short entry, hahaha.



You are under pressure. A critical incident has occurred, and during this important moment a split-second decision must be made. Will your decision make or break the situation? The theme is “High Stress.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Aggravation(OHC138).mp3

Fittingly enough, I had been working really hard on a CS project during the time period when compo fell…and I had trouble submitting my entry on time too, haha.  This ended up somehow being my longest compo entry ever (almost 7.5 minutes!), which really surprised me because I wasn’t actually intending it to be all that long (granted, the last 20 seconds or so are just a fading reverb tail anyways).  Listening to it, I guess it is somewhat repetitive, especially in its use of patterns, so I guess it makes sense.  Maybe next week I’ll strive to not reuse stuff quite so much–I’ll do my standard “reuse the chorus section twice” thing, but not more than that.

Anyways, this one was interesting because halfway through the song I actually ended up jumping into a remix of the VUX theme from Star Control 2 (a cult-classic obscure game).  The quote in my description is an extract from the in-game VUX communication.  Ah, starcon2…what a great, great, GREAT game.

Okay, well in the beginning of the song I didn’t really know what I was doing yet, so I just had some random sounds from alchemy and motion (yay, abusing preset modulating pad textures).  I had this stab noise that I decided to add a -really long- reverb to, so that’s interesting too.  Then I come in with a really nice phat drums that I did using only slicex.  I distorted it and gave it a lofi edge as well, so it really has that gritty character.

Then after some randomness I use the Claw synth for a really buzzy sound and the riff that inspired me to go into the VUX theme randomly in the first place.  I jump the tempo up and all of a sudden we’ve got that slap bass from the original tune, but this time with the phat drums from before.  Whoo!  Chords…different synths…a breakbeat section…I even manage to squeeze in an UNTS section at the end (couldn’t help myself) that isn’t very great, but oh well.

Next time I’ll make something a little less bland.  The fact that this is a VUX remix, and the phat drums, do make it sort of good, but otherwise I didn’t actually feel like this was that awesome.


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