To the Follows

Now having played both lead and follow part a lot, I can say that the follows have the easier time dancing.  It’s also much easier to improve–you just dance with a bunch of good leads and you learn things as you go along.

But!  Being a follow is not without its downsides.  And so we should all take a moment to thank the follows for putting up with a bunch of things, including:

-Leads who have bad breath and/or smell bad.  This doesn’t happen quite that often, but it’s still much more often than it should be.  Ugh.

-Leads asking you to dance and you feel obliged to say yes to be polite even though you don’t want to.

-Leads who make it difficult to waltz.  For some reason I have never really danced with follows who make it difficult to do a basic turning waltz step.  It happened a few times in social 1, probably, but in social 2 I’ve never had that happen.  But here I am as a follow and we’ve got quite a few leads in social 2 who force me to jump through hoops in order to just keep the basic turning step going.

-Leads being too forceful or having a frame that’s way too close (for example, cross-step waltz).

-Leads who either get offbeat and stay offbeat, or worse yet, just have no sense of timing at all.

-Leads who don’t protect you from collisions (though this isn’t bad at all because you can save yourself from most if not all of them).

-Leads who just bounce all over the place so that dancing feels like you’re constantly going over speed bumps.

Yeah, partnering as a follow kind of sucks.  I don’t think I’ve ever danced with a girl lead that wasn’t okay though.  Hmm…I guess the only ones who suck are men.

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