You have suddenly been gifted the ultimate power. Will you use this power for good or evil? Is the power from a physical or intangible source? This weeks theme is “The Ultimate Power.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_DDRBot9000(OHC133).mp3

sci’s two entries that I sampled from:

Wow, this one was fun.  The night before compo I was like “huh I wonder what I should do this week” and I ended up deciding that I always want to glitch up sounds but I’ve never REALLY torn apart stuff and mangled it to heck.  I think I still have a ways to go in that art (look at what sci and InvisibleObserver do), but this marked the first time that I’ve actually sampled from songs heavily.

Anyways, I spent a long while before compo ripping the heck out of two of my favorite entries from sci (one of my favorite OHCers!), learning how to use FL’s Edison audio editor in the process.  The end result was something pretty random and fun, but surprise–there’s also a kickass unts section in the middle which somehow just came out of my mind and was epic epic awesome.

I’d recommend you listen to the two sources first, as you can only appreciate all the rearranging and slicing that goes on in my song if you’re familiar with them.  Even before the compo started I was like “sci, you might probably like my entry.”  And I already had all the stuff sliced up.  So when the theme came on, it was cue for me to just…well, start messing around with them.  The “ultimate power” would be…sci’s samples.

Okay, but I didn’t want to spoil it right away, so I start with some dark spooky textures, and then I actually have some NES sounds, to give the image that some hero is walking around and then gets some magical item.  The fadein pad sound here is ripped from sci’s song, AS is the little “fanfare ditty” (though side note: that fanfare appears only in sci’s fixed version, not the OHC version).

The next drum loop is sliced from return of the undetermined, and then we get this fun riff that should be familiar to probably everyone, using an instrument which is…sampled from ADD sea of thoughts.  The “dingdingding” bell sound is also from return of the undetermined…so the only thing that’s not sampled here is the bass xD.

Then we get some random “PPENIS” from ADD sea of thoughts as well as “kirby” from “ddrkirby”.  After a silly arpeggiated synth, I slice up one of the main choruses of add sea of thoughts, and then we get a pad that I ripped from there.  The “beep” lead as well as the organ chords are also sampled.

THEN, we get to a section which has nothing sampled at all–it’s just pure kickassery.  I bring the 4-on-the-floor beat along with a trademark “kirbysquare” synth, and then add in a massive phat sidechained bass, which on the second repetition grows even more massive as I add in FIFTHS and a high NES lead on top of it.  So it’s epic.

Then at 2:38 we get a drop and we get this lovely, lovely awesome bass pattern that I love.  After another glitch I add in that oh-so-familiar-by-now NES lead on top, and then after that there’s an arp in the background playing around too.  This part is just ROCKIN, if I do say so myself–probably the best UNTS I’ve made in awhile. m/

After that we get a random “screw the vagina” from ADD Sea of Thoughts, and then a really fun part where I rearrange the “calc.exe” section of Return of the Undetermined, also adding a 4-on-the-floor beat in the back, plus another NES lead.  Fun!!!  After some glitching we end with the exact sampled end of Return of The Undetermined.

Yeah, so this entry was stupidly fun AND kicked ass.  A rare combination, but it does happen once in a while!

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