Glowsticking performance

Too bad the first few seconds got cut off–I kind of wanted to see that, since I had a really good sense of euphoria at the time (it helped that the music was really loud at the onset).  There was probably a couple of seconds where I was going with my eyes closed.

Anyways, performing glowsticking is an interesting thing.  I most often glowstick alone by myself, but I think the ideal way to glowstick is at a dance venue, where other people are watching you but also dancing.  The problem with having an actual audience watching you is that there’s this slight pressure to do things to please the audience, and moreover, the drops break the flow =that= much more.  When I’m doing a solo vid and I have a drop (or a few) sometimes I just leave it in the final edit nowadays because I find that it doesn’t break flow that much–I just keep going, sometimes with a clever floor trace (muahaha).  But having drops in a performance situation feels a lot different, because you know the audience is thinking “aww…”.

Another thing that I reaffirmed today (not that I didn’t already know it): with glowsticking, just like social dance, and just like music production, it’s much easier to be creative, flow naturally, and come up with good ideas when you go SLOW.  When you’re at high tempos you fall back on what you already know because there’s not enough time to think critically about things, so you just have to stick with things that are already in muscle memory, without being conscious about it much at all.  So it’s not like sticking at high tempos is bad per se, but it’s necessarily just an exhibition of things that you already know, since it’s hard to think about it.  For improvement, you’ve gotta slow things down a lot.

It’s easy to see how that applies to social dance.  With music production it’s…well, actually not the same, but in the end the result is kind of similar, at least for me.  I just find that when I set out to make songs that are 140BPM or faster it’s somehow just harder.  If you do melodic stuff, then more beats are crammed into the same time, so it’s like there’s more work.  Whereas for something at like 100BPM, my patterns can be a lot more relaxed and it still all works.

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