Kimball new staff rollouts

Well, we rolled out new Kimball staff today, and wow, this is honestly the first thing that’s happened that’s made me feel like things have come “full circle” at stanford.  It might be one of the only things too, since…I’m not graduating anyways.

Staff rollouts from last year

Staff rollouts this year was…well, a decidedly different experience than last year.  Somehow Lewis is popping up in my mind a lot now, because a) he was there last time and I went in his car (I remember him playing some jammin stanford tune), and b) i feel like this is the sort of thing he writes about in -his- blog posts.

Anyhow, staff rollouts this year was…different.  -Staff- this year has been different as well, also decidedly, and that affected things a lot as well.  We actually don’t have much of a “family” like they (we?) did last year.  So it really wasn’t the same.  We’re more segmented.  The character of the group is different, and so it’s not as cohesive.

New staff seems cool though!  I can see them getting along well from what I’ve seen, though who knows to be honest.

But yes, eating breakfast at Hobee’s, I acutely felt a sort of sad pang of longing–I missed last year’s staff.  Lewis…Broer…Amy…BenZhen…definitely not the same.

But I guess last year’s staff rollouts was really fun for me because well…I was really excited to staff, for one thing, and because I was really excited to -finally- live in Kimball where I had found my home of sorts (unfortunately I seem to have migrated again).  But more importantly, I was already friends with everyone, either from that year or the year before.  I already knew Broer, Lewis, BenZhen, Kat, Janice, Amy, Emma…I even recognized Ellen even though we weren’t friends at the time yet.  So it was really cool just to be actually accepted into being a part of a family that I already knew and loved.

I hope I can find a family for myself next year too.


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