Today I experienced my mental/emotional shield–my “invisibility”, as a natural defense mechanism.  My mother and father were in the car with me and they were both getting upset and angry over the dinner situation, since we didn’t have enough time, they argued about directions, the restaurant we chose had closed, etc etc etc.  Not really that badly, but still getting upset all the same.  And once I felt that “upset energy” swirling around in the air, it was almost like a natural, trained instinct to shut myself down.  The only way I could avoid getting swept up in that upset energy and becoming upset was to remove myself from the situation entirely and become transparent.  So I did.  This time I consciously thought about it too, and how darned useful it was to have that ability.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I can do things like this, I’d probably lose a bunch of years off of my life from dealing with all of the stress and anxiety that being in those kinds of situations would bring me.

Of course, the downside is that it can make breaking out of the shield more difficult at times…


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