Winter Quarter in Review (2010-2011)

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Was so caught up in things that I almost forgot to do this one!

Well, well…where do I start?  I feel like the latter part of the quarter (and spring break) has been a real rush so I’m a bit bewildered about how to tackle it all…why don’t we start with a brief recap and summary?  Last quarter’s theme was me basically being thrown into the magical company of Kimball staff and finding a golden sort of home and comfort from the love and care that came with it…and also about the real beginnings of Sayuri.  This quarter took that and shifted it a little as my social circle has changed a little bit.  I also became more busy, somehow, and Sayuri has become more of a routine thing.

Classes were, as I said last time, about the same.  I had 2 CS classes this time–CS221 and CS243.  There was a surprising lack of coding in CS243–the coding assignments were really easy and the only issues me and david had were really stupid things that didn’t really deal with the actual programming parts.  CS221 had a bit more coding, but it didn’t take much time at all because it was in python and because they already set up all of the infrastructure for you so you didn’t have to do anything except for the real core of the algorithms (nice!).  So CS221 was a throwback to the days of CS106X and CS107 when they would kind of hold your hand through the assignments, and that made them actually quite a bit more fun.  CS221 also had this final project where me and Kotaro decided to make a Touhou fangame and make an AI for it…that actually went well, though I’m not exactly sure how much they liked it, hehe.  I’ll be releasing a more official, more complete-looking version 1.00 of that sometime in the future, hopefully (i think i’ll work on it tomorrow?).

Then there was sound recording, which was…well, i paid even less attention than last time (if that’s even possible), and it didn’t matter because there was only one written assignment (easy; you could just look up the answers online or in the book), one studio assignment (just “do some mixing and mastering on this song and explain what you did”, easy), and then the final project…which actually was the only “real” thing I did in the entire class.  I did a vocal trance song featuring BenZhen, which actually turned out quite well (gotta finalize it at some point), so that was actually something cool.  I might do a bootleg of On A Good Day for next quarter’s Music192C which…in continuing the trend, is even less than 192B, since this time there’s not even a lecture component.  CCRMA people are so weiiiiirdddd……..

Okay, then there was social dance–yes, I ended up going through with retaking social 1 as a follow.  Unfortunately it meant that I didn’t take social 3 like a bunch of other people that I knew (I should have just taken them both…stupid stupid stupid me…), but oh well, it’s okay–me learning to follow was important too, in a different way.  It was a really slow class, more so at some points than others, but it wasn’t =too= bad.  Lily was also in the class, so that was fun…and we became quite a bit closer because of that, so i’m glad for that.  Too bad she’s abroad next quarter *tear*.  Anyways, unfortunately the leads in the class were…not very good.  I never knew…I feel sorry now for all the other girls x_X.  Well, it was fun playing follow anyways.  Next quarter i’m taking social dance 2 again, as…”both”.  hehe.

And of course, Japanese, which got noticably harder.  I still felt really advanced compared to average, but i no longer felt like i knew everything like the back of my hand, so now it feels like i should always be reviewing more.  I still went to office hours like 3 times a week though, so that was still very fun.

Winter quarter is traditionally my best quarter, and this year might have….been no exception to that.  Fall quarter was really great, and I perhaps had a lot more “meaningful” experiences, but this quarter was just more smooth sailing overall.  I had a lot less freakouts and crises…well, more specifically, less times that I got into “trouble”.  I think that was a combination of things, really…I got a little bit stronger, but not much…but also I got a little bit busier, which meant that I spent more time just alone with me taking care of my own stuff–essentially “lazy time”.

And I also shifted my social circle a bit, making Okada a sort of second home.  I know enough people there now that it’s definitely a surrogate family of sorts (behind kimball staff)–Yii Wen, Andrea, Tiffany, Tiphanie, Russ, David, Arie, Natalie, Kotaro, Isabelle, etc etc.  And it’s actually somewhat hard because I’m trying to balance it all out–trying to maintain my ties to kimball staff while also spending time with my “new” (though it’s not really that new at all) okada home, all while still keeping in touch with high school friends.  If anyone can pull it off, it’s me, but even so it’s still slightly challenging.  It almost feels guilty at times because Kimball was my “first” real family, but to be honest, sometimes it’s more comfortable for me to hang out at Okada.  It’s not that I don’t love my Kimballites, but somehow I feel like I get more “attention” at Okada–that I’m less “invisible”.  So I don’t really know what to make of that.

And as I’ve mentioned in passing, I did become a lot busier towards the latter half of the quarter.  Some combination of Wushu collegiates practices, hanging out at okada more often, lots of stuff being due near/during dead week, and such.  I think it also has to do with the fact that I went to class slightly more often this quarter (I actually made it to cs243 a fair amount of the time), and also because i had japanese class everyday and social dance 3 times a week, meaning that combined with the 4-days-a-week wushu/taiji practices and other things going on, it wasn’t like i could just sleep all afternoon every day and catch up on sleep that way.  I’m hoping to somehow turn the busyness (not business) down a notch next quarter so that I have more time for stuff.  I think it should be possible–wish me luck.

And yeah, next quarter should be…well, alright.  I think i’m going to continue hanging out at okada, but i also want to reconnect with kimball a little…(and of course, keep in touch with everyone from home, gah).  Unfortunately this is the last quarter that I’ll be seeing some people, which is very sad…and i’m sure i’ll have multiple…er, how do i say it…”gradual freakouts” as that time comes closer.  I’m sure it’ll also feel weird as people start to get into “this is my last quarter of school!” mode, whereas I’ll just go along like it’s like any other spring quarter!

I’m very very much looking forward to social 2 though, and looking forward to japanese as well!  192C should be…well, very uneventful, and the two CS classes should be standard fare–i’m taking one with David and one with Jesse though, so that’s a plus.  And though it’s caused by unfortunate circumstances, i’m also glad that Yang will actually still be around next quarter.

Well, let’s all do our best next quarter too~


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