That I find myself with less time nowadays must be a sign that I’m getting older…

…more accurately it just means I have more things to do.  Back when i was a little kid i didn’t have to worry about extracurricular activities, or having a social life (at ALL), or keeping up with the internets (the internets didn’t even exist!), so I could just sit down at the SNES for hours at a time.  I was able to actually go and play multiple different SNES games in the same play session.  That sort of thing almost never happens now!

…almost.  And I say almost because it really -does- still happen sometimes.  I finished Recettear in one day, after all–and I finished VVVVVV in two sittings.  And I play Tetris for >1hour long sessions on a regular basis.  So I still do get myself lost in video games every so often.  And that’s a good, good, good thing–not a bad thing.  I can’t even explain why it’s a good thing, except that it would be really, really sad if I lost the ability to do that.  It would be like losing an important part of my heritage.


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