I had a marching band dream last night…first one in a while.  I was late to the rehearsal right before a competition of some sort.  It had been a while since I had done the show (understandably; i haven’t done it in 4 =years=!).  It was kind of weird though, because for some reason I was thinking about conducting the opener as Luck Be a Lady (from my sophomore year) but the ballad was C’est La Vie from Senior year.  I also remember being kind of freaked out because I couldn’t remember the my drill for the ballad…but that makes sense because in reality there I didn’t have ANY drill for the ballad since I just stood next to the pit.  xD

Wasn’t that bad.  I’ve had worse band dreams.  I haven’t actually had -that- bad of band dreams, but this one just involved some minor worrying, stressing, and freakout (emphasis on “minor”).  Interestingly enough, since I was late to the rehearsal or something, I had to resort to reversing time.  That’s right, I reversed time.  (see my previous post about magical powers in dreams)


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