Looming, deadly, violent and beautiful. A waterfall is a beautiful wonder to look at. It can crush under its powerful flow or be a stage for the most dangerous of stunts. Todays theme is “Majestic Waterfall.” Please see the attached pictures.

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_WWWWWW(OHC127).mp3

Wow, what a fun entry.  I haven’t made an awesome entry like this in…well, either a really long time, or forever!

I’ve been listening to PPPPPP, the VVVVVV soundtrack, a LOT lately.  It’s super, super, super awesome and you should all go buy it now because it’s awesome chiptunes of awesomeness that are awesome.

Anyways, onto my actual entry.  I wanted to use a descending motif to represent “waterfall” so I start out with a TS404 NES arpeggio going down in what i believe (?) is a M7 pattern.  I should also note that before compo started I had a TS404, 3xOsc, and tb_triforce setup for chip, so that they could be cloned for all my chippy instruments.  Yay!

I also had the idea to start off with a highpass filter–I was inspired by VVVVVV’s “pause” track, which is filtered all the way through (it’s a short loop).

Anyways, after the highpass intro, we get drums which are really simple–just an 808 kick and snare, and some hats and filler–along with a bass and a countermelody in the back which is some triangle wave or something.  I add in some square pads which are actually gated (yay gating!).

In the next section I use a TS404 nes lead which is arped really fast–again, I’ve been using this a lot recently.  After a brief transition we get into “groove mode” where I layer on a bitcrushed/samplereduced drumloop on top of the basic drums and the bass gets a little funkier.

In comes the “sexy lead”, made of a square and triangle wave octaved, along with automated vibrato that’s really, really slick imho =).  Also notice the really quick descending arpeggio pattern at the beginning of each 4 bars–that’s another throw to the “waterfall” theme.

After that, we get a short break where there’s just one low square pad along with a portamento sine sound.  Then we go back into the chorus–I really am growing quite fond of this “repeat the chorus later on” technique that I’ve used in one or two other songs now.  Not only does it make for a longer song without too much effort, but it just works out nicely in terms of structure anyways.  This time around we get another lead sound which is another TS404 nes lead, but this time with some vibrato.  There’s also some triangle pads way in the back here that weren’t there the first time.

Yeah, so this was actually one of my shorter entries in a while, but I think it’s just as good if not better than the longer ones.  I pretty much just packed more awesome into a shorter timeframe, so that’s neat.  Actually, more like I didn’t kill lots of time by having really long 8-bar phrases and slow slow intro buildups where at first it’s just pads and then it’s pads and drums and THEN we get a chorus, hahaha.  I didn’t actually end up replicating the VVVVVV style that closely, but it doesn’t matter as I still made awesome chiptuney music.  Yay!


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