Collegiates is over!  I’m not back yet but am writing this on the silly XP computer they have set up in the hotel lobby (i’m not complaining!).

Collegiates taught me a bunch of things:

1) I want to learn more taiji forms!  They look cool and are probably really fun.  I should learn a longer chen style form, and then maybe nandu taiji, haha…i don’t know if i’m up for it but i can always try…

2) Solved a sort-of-long-standing mystery about taiji movement basics–i’ve been doing things wrong for a while.  I tried to correct it for my last two forms and they actually felt significantly better, so that was nice.  Might change the way I “feel” when I do taiji from now on…I’m also kind of upset that no one pointed it out to me before though 9_9

3) Wushu can actually be like marching band was.  Not to say that’s how Stanford Wushu is, but when I see those other teams out there doing group sets, it really gives off that vibe.  I never would have imagined something like that.  It kind of fascinated me, and also made me feel kind of miffed that our program sucks so much (not going to say why).  Though I guess I don’t have it quite as bad.  At the same time, when I think back upon marching band, even other high school marching band programs just seemed different somehow.  When I saw their drum majors too, it was somehow different.  Sure, I liked the way we did things, and it was special in its own way, but when I saw those other bands, it was like hey…they have a totally different vibe going on.  I really wonder what it must be like…..yeah, so somehow I went to Fremont and then Stanford and somehow there is the same issue going on at both.  What a crazy world we live in 9_9.

4) Asian girls at other colleges seem different.  Or maybe it’s just that people from other colleges seem different in general–they’re “foreigners”, in a sense.  But then again, when I look at these asian groups (okay, maybe it’s not specifically limited to asians, but maybe it is for me) from UCLA or berkeley, etc etc–even homestead or something–it seems different.  I don’t know if I’ve seen that type of group at Stanfo–…oh wait, never mind I just thought of one.  Okay, I stand corrected.  Nevermind.

I didn’t get that much work done (not surprising), but I did read through a good portion of a light novel, I almost finished a letter, and I started playing Metroid: Zero Mission.  That was fun–Zero Mission.  I don’t remember much of the stuff off-hand but I have vague memories of a lot of the sequence breaks (walljump and infinite bomb jump stuff) so it was kind of nostalgic to be going through again and going “hmm, I wonder if I can get up here…–oh, yea!  I remember doing this part!”  I can’t even remember why I was sequence breaking zero mission in the first place though.  I’m sure that on my very first playthrough I was just sequence breaking to explore and for the hell of it (it’s fun to push at the game’s boundaries!), but I do also remember doing things that seemed directed–I seem to remember my brother giving me instructions and I seem to remember trying some difficult breaks–ones that I wouldn’t have tried if I were just going through the game normally.  I’ve never done a speedrun of the game though (at least, I’m pretty sure I haven’t), so I don’t know where that sort of memory is from.  Maybe I was just doing it for the heck of it.  Maybe I’ve got it wrong and I was just watching my brother play (I do remember we were using the gamecube + GBA player to play).  Maybe I was trying to duplicate something I saw my brother do?  I don’t know, really…strange…but it’d be a nice game to speedrun, probably.  Then again, I still have to properly finish Super Metroid Redesign, so I’m not about to start on another game yet.


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