Some more details on collegiates:

Saw joyce, kunyu, and met up with lawrence, patrick, etc.

Everyone from stanford got individual medals, though a good hunk of them were by default.  zahra got gold for nandao since she was the only one in it…mai got either 2nd or 3rd in longfist i think; I can’t remember.  I got 3 bronzes.  One was chen taiji (the one i learned like 2 months ago from youtube), one was open internal empty hand and one was open internal other weapon.  Of the latter two, one was by default and one was just because James Peng dropped out (because they were taking too long and he had longfist and staff to do).  I was severely outclassed in the taiji events–i recognized the 3 people there from past CMATs though, so it wasn’t really any surprise to me.  Chen taiji I got beat by 2 of those 3 people, one of them didn’t compete (meaning I had a chance), and I beat the other two people, IIRC.

I was gonna write something else, i think…but i forgot.

Oh, right.  Overall not too bad, though I’m definitely glad it’s over and looking forward to not going to practice 4 times a week anymore (and not going to wushu practice in general, and going to friday night waltz instead).  My parents were too noisy.  Talk talk talk talk talk talk arg.


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