2:00AM, time for my “nap”.

Though to be honest, lately things have been weird because I have so much to do.  Last night for example, I took my “nap” and slept for a bunch of hours (1:30 until 6:30?) and then after that worked on cs221 for a while, and then…well, by that time it was like already 11 or so, so no time to go back to sleep at all.


Which means…I basically just slept “normally”, except not getting enough sleep.  Wait, this means that I’ve somehow become like other students.  And I haven’t been good about keeping in touch either.  Gah, what is happening to me!?!?!?!?

On the plus side, I’m getting awesome work done, so I’m still better than everyone else, somehow.


I mentioned it before but I’ll mention it again–one of the reasons I’m afraid to break out and just throw away all of my inhibitions is because I’m afraid it’ll result in good things happening to me………..


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