In an attempt to combat the massive amounts of AIM spam that I get nowadays (my fault for having my SNs up on this very site before (it was okay 6 years ago…)), I’m changing my 6 alternate AIM sn’s to block everyone that’s not on their contact list.  Since I add people to only the primary account’s contact list, that means you probably won’t be able to see any of my other sn’s, so now they’re just for show and you can’t reach me if my main account’s ever down.  Also since I add to my primary account’s contact list, I can’t reach -you- if my main account’s down, but it’s been like that before anyways.

I’ve been thinking of making the switch to pidgin for awhile (pidgin has a spam-blocker plugin!) but just haven’t yet.  Part of the reason is because digsby integrates my mail services, so not only would I be switching to pidgin but possibly switching from thunderbird to claws mail and having it open all the time.  Or at the very least having thunderbird open all the time.

I refuse to be like the crowd and use a gmail browser window for everything.  That is NOT the way.


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