Animation on Display, Day 2

Whoo, what a busy day.  I almost feel like I shouldn’t have gone to AOD day 2 so that I’d have more time for other stuff.  I hope it doesn’t bite me in the butt later.  I think it was fine though; I’m not really regretting it much at all.

Anyways, like I said in the previous post, I didn’t have much I wanted to do at day 2.  Not much at all.  I was thinking about going to the hideo concert thingamajigger, but ended up not going because I was busy working on coding stuff instead.  Probably the right idea, as I could hear it from outside a little anyways.

Bought a few more buttons with Tiphanie, even though perhaps I shouldn’t have.  Argg…well, it was only 3 more anyways.  It’s okay.

Spent a while just hanging out around our booth, doing coding stuff.  I’m actually deciding to change languages and do it in C# instead of C++.  Hopefully that ends up being a worthwhile decision! =X

After that Russ’s panel started.  I should have been working on letters at that time but I instead played a little touhou:IN and TGM.  Argh, this is why I’m so behind.  Anyways, after that my friend finally got there to pick me up and we stopped by Stanford so I could change and also grab some stuff.  We spent a little too much time listening to random OHC stuff.  Oh well.

Then off to dinner at Hong Kong Bistro (the baked fish filet with rice is so good!!!), and after that, off to sunnyvale where we played SSBM and did some freehand for a bit.  Recorded both on tape, though I’m not 100% sure that the SSBM footage will be transferrable, and unfortunately the freehand footage was a bit dark.  But it’s okay; was still fun anyways.

Tomorrow…will be busy.  busy.  busy.  Have a lot of stuff to do and won’t be possible to do all of them but I gotta do my best anyways.

-Wushu practice in the morning.  Largely a nonissue except for the fact that I stupidly ran into a table and banged up my leg pretty bad at con, so it hurts to use that muscle right now.  It’s not terribly bad–you can’t even see a bruise or anything, but I might have to take it slightly easy for a day or two.  Hopefully.
-Laundry because I am out of socks.  good god, how did this happen, nyyyyarrrggggg.
-Shopping with yii wen and andrea!  Going to caltrain it to hillsdale and go to forever21, hehe.  Okay, after this shopping trip I am not allowed to go buy anything for a long time T_T.  Spending way too much money this weekend.
-Need to redo the codebase of CS221 final project in C#, and maybe start on some actual coding stuff.  My plan was to have a minimal playable version by wednesday…I don’t know whether I can make that happen =/  Need to do the sprites too…=/
-Gotta transfer the SSBM footage too.
-and I have letters to write.  and gotta study for the japanese quiz a bit more.  nyyaaaaaaggggg… 


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