Today was another good day.  Classes were alright…social dance was actually fun–I started out as a lead but switched to follow for almost the rest of the class and we learned a bunch of club 2-step variations.  Near the end of the class I switched back to lead and systematically went through each of the variations we learned to make sure I remembered how to lead them, hahaha.

Wushu practice was fun today!  I actually spent a good deal of time on wushu stuff.  My jumps looked good today…I was surprised.  My normal jump front kicks have always been fine since I get loads of air on that, but this time my jump inside was okay too, and i finally understand how to do jump outside properly.  whooooooo.

Came back in time for the Kimball Cloud Mural project.  I had already been planning to do a piece of pixel art for this, so I grabbed my canvas, went to my room, and drew down a 3/4″ grid with my pencil.  Then I painted my cloud!  It was actually really challenging to get it right without any sort of undo function or anything like that, but I’m still really happy with how it turned out.  Everyone else really liked it too, and people said it was so….well, -me-.  Which of course, is totally true.  And I also love how mine stands out against everyone else’s.  I’m actually really proud.  I should do some more pixel art at some point…

After that Kotaro came and we worked on getting his dev environment set up for our CS221 final project (everything I did worked as planned!), and finished our project proposal.  It’s going to be a really fun and cool project–one that will also be a good project to have in my portfolio–but it’ll also be kind of a tight crunch to get it done on time, so I really can’t slack off now.  Speaking of pixel art, I’m gonna have to do some more for this project…

Music192B worries me a little bit…I should at least get -something- done for that class before it’s too late.

But yeah, today was great!  And I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow morning…whoo!  And this weekend is AOD!  Wheeeeee~

See, everything is just totally better when the weather gets cloudy and rainy.


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