Viennese Ball 2011

Side note: my canker sores (or, canker sore, since they basically merged sometime along the way) are getting better, but they’re still there, and they are still ridiculous.  I’m not putting on zilactin every hour anymore, but I’m still putting it on multiple times each day.  urgh.  at least the worst is over.  my god.  ridiculous.

Well, I made it.  I’m back safe and sound in my room, enjoying some nice R&R.  Unfortunately I also have no more food left in reserve (I also have to do dishes, yuck…why am I so lazy?), so I’m gonna eat some instant ramen soon.  d’oh!

Anyways, it was fun.  I guess I should start before the ball even started at all–yesterday night I was feeling upset because of “that person”.  I managed to help myself out of it (though, unfortunately, not thanks to “that person”), but today some of that emotion came back.  I also decided to skip wushu practice, partly because I was feeling tired and slightly drowsy during Japanese class (signifying it was probably a bad idea), partly because I just plain didn’t want to, partly because I would have had to leave early anyways, partly to conserve my energy, etc.  So that was good, and good that I had so many excuses on all fronts that made it valid.  I now have a blister of some sort on my big toe, yay.  I don’t think I’ve actually gotten one of those at jammix before (?), so hooray for battle scars I guess.

Anyways, I was having thoughts about “that person” again tonight.  I didn’t know what to really think, or if I should do anything, but I didn’t really like what was going through my head.  It wasn’t terribly bad, but it was unpleasant.  And so I hoped to put everything behind me, at least for the night, and just dance things away.  And I think that’s exactly what happened–throughout the entire night I didn’t even think of “that person”.  It even took me a minute or two to remember what “that person” looked like, surprisingly, though ironically I also thought I caught their name on the guest list for being cleared. (?)

But the ball itself?  I must thank my date Yii Wen for going with me, and also Kotaro and Isabelle for completing our group of 4 which were essentially our “dance buddy group” for this dance. (I think every dance type activity needs some sort of “dance buddy system”)  We were all ticketing for the first two hours, which of course was kind of hectic as expected, but we did our best and actually I’d say we did a pretty darn decent job.  Not perfect, but probably by far good enough.  We haven’t gotten paid yet though *grumble*, so I’m hoping we get remedied for that.  We missed out on opening committee!

As for the actual dancing…well, different than Jammix, of course.  The music and spacing was different–somehow less conducive to social dance than normal, though it was really neat to have live music.  Well, in the swing room, anyways.  The waltz music was a little…interesting, at times (and quiet at others).  For some reason my average experimentation level was at sort of an all-time high tonight, probably due to various random factors.  And so I was doing a lot of very random spontaneous stuff.  Not very “classy” at all, but at least I hoped it was fun.  This also marked the first time I was able to experiment freely in swing…there was one dance with Danya where I was just totally doing =whatever=, hardly even following the music.  And there was a couple of dances with BenZhen where I sort of continued that.  So that was neat–I don’t think I feel like I’ve ever done that in swing before.

Interestingly enough, I feel like perhaps I’m at the same place now with social dance as I am with glowsticking–I think I maybe have enough experience just doing movements and letting stuff “flow”, that now it might be time to rein things in and force a little more structure into it so it’s all cleaner.  I also stole a couple of dances with Russ, Alex, and Kotaro as follow (despite being in a tux myself), so that was fun.  Also slightly disheartening, because I realize that following is so much more fun…perhaps I’m just not as good a lead as I should be.  Oh well, I’ll get there, somehow.  Next quarter I’m taking Social 2 again, so I might as well just do -both- lead and follow and work on both.  No problem with that, right?

I didn’t get to say hi to quite as many people as I would have liked, and I didn’t get to dance with everyone I would have liked to dance with either.  I caught a glimpse of Denise and probably some other people but didn’t get to say hi to them…oh well.

What else?  The four of us had some comical group dances where we just joined hands and did whatever.  And I actually did remember BNP at the end after all, so that was yay.

Perhaps I could start going to FNW after collegiates.  Perhaps…perhaps not.  I’ll leave it open as a possibility; that’s all.


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