Brawl sux.

Damn.  should have gone to bed an hour ago at least.  oh well nothing really lost………kinda.  only getting <6 hours of sleep again this saturday night though.  ouch.  Happened last saturday too, but I guess that just makes it so that sunday night I’ll go to bed super early and catch up.  stupid wushu practice hahaha 9_9


Brawl sux.

Okay, no, it actually doesn’t suck that much.  But I played again today and I can’t really remember how I used to have fun with it.  It’s not like playing SSB64 when it feels weird and say, shielding really sucks and it’s awkward to get used to the fact that shielding is almost always a bad thing to do.  But when I played Brawl again I just couldn’t really figure it out.  I couldn’t figure out how to space.  I said in the past that I didn’t actually mind there being no wavedashing in brawl -that- much.  That’s also probably because I had squirtle, hahaha.  But I said that wavelanding was sexier and that wavedashing wasn’t totally necessary.  It was all the other stuff that wasn’t really right–it was the =flow= of the game.  I thought that the approach and dodge game was okay, but then the combos weren’t really there at all.  Again, the flow of the game.

I may have changed my mind though.  Just like before how I always felt mobile with squirtle, I felt “safe” with ivysaur because of my zoning, but with charizard I always felt awkward.  It’s because I have no tools for spacing.  Without being able to wavedash backwards, I have lost my primary method of spacing–I have LOST THE MEANS TO TRAVEL BACKWARDS EASILY.  Which is huge.  I don’t really know how I played before.  When I played today it felt like everytime I moved forwards I was 100% committed to an attack of some sort.  Which felt -horrible-…I felt so easily outplayed because it was obvious what I was going to do.  Moreover, I didn’t know how to -avoid- things and punish them.  Rolls avoid things, sure, but you can’t punish afterwards.  And so eventually I just kind of focused on staying out of range and doing lots of short foxtrots away, to stay out of range.  But I couldn’t really get in, unless they made some stupid mistake.  All because I didn’t have any tools to space.

I think in SSB64 it didn’t feel as weird because I just played pikachu and stayed in the air all the time, and that’s how I would approach–I could jump with an fair, and it would either beat things out because of its priority, or if it whiffed I was safe because of the zcancel.  But in brawl we have no zcancel.  We don’t even have an lcancel either.  So it feels like I can’t approach with aerials because I’ll just get hit when I miss.  And I can’t approach with simple dashing attacks because that’s just retarded dumb and obvious.  So really the only approaches I could get in were run in and shield->grab.  Which is okay except the grabs no longer ever lead to combos (wut?  combos?) so they’re insignificant.

It was just really awkward.  I missed being able to space.  Being able to space freely and space comfortably is really just really neat.


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